14,000 people leave the Armed Forces every year. Many have transferable skills & assets that will benefit your company. Construction needs 224,000 new recruits by 2019


Skills & Experience

Ex-Military personnel usually have good leadership skills, are able to think on their feet and are strong team players. They are often ideal candidates for the construction industry



We match Service Leavers and Veterans to your available recruitment opportunities to ensure the right candidate and a smooth transition from the Military to construction

Join Us

The BuildForce Alliance includes individuals from industry, trade bodies and charities who promote BuildForce within their organisation and beyond, to help Service Leavers and Veterans transition to construction careers.

Engagement with BuildForce starts with the BuildForce Charter. Signatories to the Charter become members of the BuildForce Alliance and identify individuals in their organisations to take on the roles of BuildForce Ambassadors, Champions and Mentors.

For smaller businesses this may be one person combining all three roles, and for larger businesses it may be that there is one BuildForce Ambassador, more than one Champion and many Mentors.

It is the connections made between those seeking assistance (Service Leavers and Veterans), those providing industry expertise (BuildForce Mentors), and existing military transition organisations that will be key to the success of this project.

BuildForce Roles

  • Act as a senior point of contact for BuildForce
  • Promote and support participation in BuildForce within your organisation, supply chain and wider network
  • Act as a point of contact for BuildForce
  • Promote and support BuildForce within your organisation
  • Identify opportunities for Service Leavers and Veterans to engage with your business (e.g. work placements, interview coaching, site visits, job opportunities, etc.)
  • Develop a network of BuildForce mentors within your organisation
  • Provide information, advice and guidance to Service Leavers and Veterans, face-to-face or remotely, on developing a career in construction
  • Develop and implement opportunities for Service Leavers and Veterans to engage with your business (e.g. provision of information and guidance, work placements, interview coaching, site visits, job opportunities, etc.)
  • Continue 1-2-1 mentoring as candidates move into employment

If you would like to join the BuildForce Alliance, please follow these simple steps:

  1. Complete the registration form on this page
  2. Download our Information Pack and sign the BuildForce Charter
  1. Identify your BuildForce Ambassador
  2. Identify and appoint your BuildForce Champion(s)
  3. Identify and appoint your BuildForce Mentor(s), ideally as part of an established company mentoring programme
  4. Scan your signed Charter, together with contact details of your BuildForce team, and email to us, attaching your logo to info@buildforce.ethosvo.org

Construction Employer Registration Form

**IMPORTANT** Please add info@buildforce.ethosvo.org to your safelist – an automatic email with more information will be sent upon registration. If you don’t receive this email, please check your spam/junk folder.






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